Skype for Business Preview 6 download Incl. Crack

Skype for Business Preview 6

Skype for Business Space Microsoft Lync unified communications platform, taking the best features of the product that the company bought in 2011 and business success on the platform. The products are offered as part of Office 365 or as stand-alone offerings.

the best of both worlds

Skype for Business maintaining the features that have made it popular as a communications platform: the message immediately, and file sharing capabilitiesMassie video (Team and Individual).

This has the additional features of Lync and commercial hit was added. This includes the protection of business features and privacy, high quality, Outlook integration, indicating the presence of your contacts (offline, in a meeting, busy, etc.) And events calendar of the future, and the ability to share screens during a conversation with video.

new features

If Microsoft Lync zinazotolewakama part of Office 365, has integrationthe more with the Office suite. With the features of Outlook, please see the notes are automatically stored in the taking OneNote.

The combined Lync and Skype also means you can call anyone with Skype over voice and video ID, not just your Lync contacts. Expand the use of Skype for business, Microsoft is working with partners will develop accessories built for video calls with Skype.

In terms of look and feel, layout photo Skype for Business Lync andbetween mukasama with commercial products, while connecting the Skype icon.

Not perfect, but very popular

vanSkype took ownership in 2011, Microsoft has put a lot of work in the product. That’s not to say it is perfect, other than that it brings a lot of useful features and is very popular. Lync has its own problems in terms of reliability, quality of calls and calls to stop, but it has also proved popular. With bothprogram, Microsoft is even stronger pastilandasan to introduce ground in the field of business communication tools.

  • Skype for Business Preview 6 Windows XP/7/8 download free
  • Skype for Business Preview 6 Windows 7/8 download
  • Skype for Business Preview 6 download
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