Company History

It all started in 2014 when Tayo Rockson was conducting a social experiment. He wanted to know why even though we lived in the most globalized and digital time ever, most people weren’t acting like it. So he launched his podcast As Told By Nomads, and he started bringing on people from all over the world asking the same question from there as his Audience started to grow he developed a mission statement “Use Your Difference to Make a Difference” he felt like this mission was what the world was missing, although people are different many don’t seem to know how to leverage their difference and use it in a meaningful way. That led to the creation of UYD Media, Tayo felt there was a hole in the media industry where the world wasn’t accurately represented. And so he expanded the platform to include articles and videos, as his audience grew to people in over 150 countries he started to speak on what he learned from his social experiment and how his personal background of growing up in 4 continents has affected his view of leadership [Africa – Nigeria & Burkina Faso,  Europe – Sweden & England, Asia – Vietnam and North America – U.S.A]. With all these opportunities, he soon became recognized not only for his work on cultural competency and global leadership but also as a diversity and inclusion expert. By 2016 Tayo became recognized as a thought leader in the cross cultural diversity space. As he began to speak at educational institutions, and organizations he realized he needed a team.

In December of 2016 Sandra Revueltas joined Tayo to help realize the company’s mission. Sandra’s experience analyzing the financial stability, corporate structure, and employment practices at public, private, and nonprofit companies, combined with her passion to build diverse and inclusive environments, broadened UYD’s mission to help close the diversity gap within organizations. Sandra’s passion for helping individuals succeed by leveraging their differences and helping companies create inclusive environments stems from over twelve years of experience in the corporate sector. With the new addition, UYD was re-envisioned and UYD Management LLC was created. Tayo and Sandra expanded the company’s services to include Diversity and Inclusion workshops, lectures, training programs, research, and consulting services in addition to the existing podcast and media content.



Tayo Rockson is a speaker, consultant, strategist and media personality who runs UYD Management – a strategic leadership and consulting firm that helps corporations improve their bottom line by incorporating diversity, inclusion, hiring, retention and social justice strategies. He has spent over 20 years living and working in 4 continents and so is considered an authority in communicating effectively across cultures. He hosts the As Told By Nomads podcast which is the number 1 cross-cultural podcast in the world. In addition to this, his podcast was recently ranked as the number 2 business podcast in the world by Entrepreneur and CIO. He has spoken at TEDx, the World Bank, United Nations Foundation among many other places and his work has been seen on NowThis News, Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Among Worlds Magazine as well as Global Living Magazine. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide To TCK Living and his ground breaking work on “how to embrace your global identity” was featured in a German School book called ZOOM IN… Globalization and through his podcast, blog and video shows, he is heard and read by thousands of people in over 100 countries. As a trained cross-cultural trainer, Tayo has the ability to teach about general cultural competency of 73 countries. He speaks English, French & conversational Spanish.

Find out more information about Tayo here on his personal website: www.tayorockson.com



Sandra is the co-founder of UYD Management, LLC. She oversees the company’s financials, and as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is in charge of developing, communicating and executing corporate strategic initiatives and D&I content. Sandra has spent over 20 years leading discussions and events aimed at creating Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) solutions. As a speaker, consultant, and strategist, she helps individuals and companies leverage their differences to drive success.  Prior to UYD, she was integral in the development of a management liability underwriting startup agency. Her experience over the past twelve years has focused on analyzing the operational risk, M&A strategy, financial stability, stock performance, and employment practices of private and public companies. Her expertise is in underwriting business management practices as well as employment related diversity policies. Her clients have included startups, tech companies, non-profit organizations, K-12 schools, as well as fortune 500 companies. Sandra’s passion is to help corporations create diverse and inclusive environments that will fuel innovation and lead to increased profitability. Her personal experience includes leading multicultural student groups at the undergraduate and graduate level, creating a professional women’s network, leading cross cultural events, and directing affinity groups at non-profit organizations. Sandra has a B.A. in Public Policy from Hamilton College, an M.B.A from Fordham University, and a Strategic Human Resources Leadership Certification from Cornell University.

The Company

UYD Management is a media and strategic consulting firm that focuses on helping companies create inclusive environments, diversify their pipeline and expand globally and effectively into new markets.

Learn how to:

  • Manage A Cross-Cultural Workforce Effectively
  • Hire and Retain Diverse Talent
  • Expand Into New Markets and Audiences
  • Become An Inclusive Leader

What we do

We help organizations align their Diversity and Inclusion goals to their Bottom Line

Step 1

Audit and Scan of Organizational Data

Step 2

SWOT Analysis

Step 3

Define Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals

Step 4

Tie the Objectives, Tasks and Metrics to Bottom Line

Step 5

Implementation and Alignment