We start with a comprehensive Diversity SWOT Analysis and quantify your big picture when it comes to your inclusion and retention process. Our team will outline your weaknesses while highlighting your strengths and accomplishments in the diversity arena; helping your HR department to foster a more positive environment for all employees through mentoring and training programs.

Our analysis will facilitate the assessment process meeting the following objectives:

  • Analyze the current state of diversity and inclusion within the organization
  • Enable a true and accurate picture of your organization’s systems, policies, practices etc.
  • Determine values, norms, practices and policies that help or hinder diversity and inclusion in the organization
  • Identify efforts that are successful and that should be sustained
  • Identify areas where the organization is weak and opportunities for improvement
  • Identify concerns and perceptions experienced within particular populations
  • Identify programs and areas where there may be gaps, and
  • Develop report findings and recommendations.